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How Can I Help You? 

Small On-line Business Set Up, Author,

Self-Publishing Consultant, Audio Book Narration & Publication, and Motivational Speaker.

Meet Jennifer

Author, Speaker, On-line Small Business and Subconscious Script Flipping Coach 

Vision Statement:

The vision and mission of Inspire and Illuminate LLC is to allow its customers to self evaluate, and establish their current state in four main areas of life:  physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually/vibrationally.  Once complete, our team will help our customers create a strategic individually-tailored plan that will move them from a Lower Possibility State to their next Highest Possibility State.

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What I Specialize In

Subconscious Script Flipping

Audio Book Narration and Publication 

Assisting People with Setting Up Small On-Line Businesses and/or Social Media

Inspiring and Heart Felt Public Speaking

Fiction and Nonfiction Writing

as well as

Helping Authors 

Self-Publish their own work.

Mountain Peak

The Journey Towards Your Highest Dreams and Goals Begins Today! 

Each thought, feeling, and action, that is different from the one you had before (no matter how small), is one small turn from where you were yesterday.  One tiny movement can change everything.  So the question becomes:  What one change, What one decision, What one action can you take today that (over time) could change your whole world tomorrow?

 - Jennifer M. Engel

  • One on one tools and habits to help achieve Higher Possibility States.

    1 hr
    50 US dollars

Let’s Get Inspired!

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