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Meet Jennifer

Author, Speaker, Subconscious Coach

I was born with mild spina bifida, which did not effect me (nor my family) mildly.  I experienced trauma from the many medical procedures I had to endure, which I had no idea at the time how that would cause such low self esteem, which lead me to dysfunctional relationships, and an inability to to really connect with others on a healthy level.  In March 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I went through 21 rounds of chemotherapy,  a double mastectomy, and 30 days of radiation.  In order to cope with all the trauma I had experienced in my life I began a journey of self learning and healing, and became (somewhat) a Jack-of-Many Trades: 

Author of Heaven Under Construction , which was my way of seeing and dealing with my Cancer Journey,  as well as author of Highest Possibility States. HPSs is a sequel, one could say, to Heaven Under Construction. It was all the tools and strategies I've gathered over my life time in order to get to a place of self healing and happiness. 

Small On-Line Business Coach:  Learning how to actually get my books into the hands of others was a six year journey of learning how to establish my own LLC, gather small business tools, and learn how to self market.  These are now skills I am willing to share with and teach others. 

In addition I am secretary and leader of a writers group as well as a motivational speaker. 


My goal is to help people though their own subconscious blocks through my writing, speaking, and counseling sessions reach their Highest Possibility States as well as obtain their own dreams and goals. 

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